• IT Security

    Protecting Your Data and Servers

    DataHive's data centre is fully redundant, secure and fire and flood proof. Every possible step is taken to ensure our clients' servers never stop running and mission-critical data is not compromised.

  • Data Center Safety and Security

    A Geographically, Politically and Physically Safe Location

    Calgary, Canada is the ideal location for our data center because of the absence of natural disasters and the close proximity to peering points for Europe and the United States.

  • Data Security

    A Safe and Secure Home for Your Data and Your Servers

    Customer access to the data centre floor is restricted to those holding pass cards. Furthermore, access to the data centre is restricted by biometric scanners. DataHive ensures only authorized personnel can enter the premises.

  • Secure Data Centre

    Keeping an Eye on Your Equipment

    The data centre is under 24/7 video surveillance internally and externally and the whole facility is monitored by building management for external physical breaches. Sophisticated video management equipment provides seamless live and recorded views of the data centre from any moment in time.

IT Security

IT Security Explained

The continuity of operations and proper functioning of information systems is critical to most businesses. Threats to data and computerized processes are also threats to business productivity, profitability and effectiveness. The objective of IT security is to put into place measures that will eliminate or reduce these threats to an acceptable level.

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IT Security

Why IT Security is Necessary

Most businesses use digitized information extensively to support their core processes. Documents containing information on customers, products, contracts, accounting are stored digitally. If this electronic information were to become available to competitors, or to become corrupted, or to disappear, what would the consequences be?

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IT Security

How IT Security can be Improved

Improving IT security involves:

• knowing what data and computer processes need to be protected

• recognizing possible threats and judging their possible impact on your business

• calculating the risks and determining what risk levels are acceptable

• developing a strategy to reduce risks.

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IT Security with DataHive

Security and Reliability are Paramount at DataHive's Data Centre

When you choose a data centre you want assurance that your computer equipment and data are maintained reliably and securely in a state-of-the-art facility. DataHive's world-class data centre guarantees full reliability and security.

The engineering and construction of DataHive's data centre have considered and accommodated the accessibility and security needs of our clients. The data centre and network have been optimized for outsourcing web servers, providing security, reliability, performance and scalability.

DataHive's facilities have much to boast about.

  • built in Calgary, Canada -- one of the safest locations on the planet
  • fully redundant power, HVAC, network connectivity
  • concrete walls
  • windowless server room
  • controlled access
  • monitored entrance and exit
  • guarded premises
  • surveillance cameras with digitally recorded footage
  • no hiding spaces
  • prohibition of food and drink in data centre
  • two-factor authentication involving biometric identification and access cards
  • man-trap

Computer crime is here to stay. It is up to businesses to get serious about the security of their data and their computer processes.

DataHive is very serious about IT Security. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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