Why is IT Security Necessary

IT Security

Most businesses use digitized information extensively to support their core processes. Documents containing information on customers, products, contracts, accounting are stored digitally. If this electronic information were to become available to competitors, or to become corrupted, or to disappear, what would the consequences be?

Could the business still function?


• Customer information or accounting information could be disclosed, affecting credibility.

• This information could be used by either established or new competitors to launch more effective marketing campaigns.

• Competitors could launch an invisible, but effective attack which would be difficult to prove. If such an attack disrupted customer service, destroyed some accounting data, it would reduce customer confidence and help competitors increase their market share.

• IT systems have been under attack for decades now, but never before were so many computers networked and never before have so many cheap/free automated information attack weapons been available to would-be enemies. If is often impossible or very difficult to know if you are under attack and from whom. Attacker sophistication has increased enormously. In the past few years the proliferation of automated attack tools makes it much easier for ignorant attackers to cause considerable damage.

• Many of the weapons only available to the intelligence community a few years ago can now be bought commercially.

• Virus development has continued at an alarming rate in the last few years, leaving few if any companies untouched.

• System interconnection increases security risks significantly.  

Consider as well the following statistics (source: Datapro Research) to give you an idea what is going on in the real world.

• Common causes of damage : Human Error 52%, Dishonest people 10%, Technical Sabotage 10%, Fire 15%, Water 10% and Terrorism 3%.

• Who causes damage? Current employees 81%, Outsiders 13%, Former employees 6%.

• Types of computer crime: Money theft 44%, Damage of software 16%, Theft of information 16%, Alteration of data 12%, Theft of services 10%, Trespass 2%.  

Computer crime is here to stay. It is up to businesses to get serious about the security of their data and their computer processes.

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